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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 20, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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adversary. glenn jumped into the tiny capsule known as friendship, and orbitted three times and american hero. america was back on the space race, 49 years ago today. and young trevor bayne might feel like he's in the clouds, congrats and happy birthday. i'm harris falkner, huckabee is next. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause]. >> mike: hello everybody, what a great audience we've got here. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. madison, wisconsin has become the epicenter of the debate that faces many states across
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the country. and that's public workers storming the capitol to protest the bill forcing them to pay more or their benefits to help cut wisconsin's budget and democrats are trying to boycott the vote. we have exclusive video of the wisconsin democrats fleeing the state capitol. (screams) >> while the democrat standoff shows no signs of coming to an end soon. demonstrations outside the state house have intensified. let's go straight to madison for the latest. >> hey, governor i've never seen anything like this in the continental united states. thousands and thousands of people here on the capitol grounds and two clearly formed camps have established
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themselves here on the capitol grounds. here where we are right now, mostly the pro walker people, the the tea partiers, who have been bused in not only from different parts of wisconsin, but from around the country. as i show you back here, you can see, and tough to see through the crowd, but a lot of people marching in a circle around the capitol are the pro union people, anti-walker people. now, as we have the two camps warming up. let me show you another position here, this is a police line that's warming up. let's walk past captain america here and this is a police line warming up to keep the two sides separate. with all of the emotion and passion injected into this issue that the two sides ultimately end up demonstrating peacefully and they don't clash, governor. >> mike, tell me, you've got folks there, i think some from either side, and what is it that each of them hope to accomplish and what is their just bottom line that they are asking to get resolved here? >> here we go, let me walk
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over and get the guests that i've got lined up. a couple of educated people. first let me get over to scott gustavson, a physical education people clearly on the side of the the state employees and at union busting bills. scott, let me ask you, what are you doing here? >> here to show support for public workers of wisconsin and the teacher in brookfield and we're showing our support for all the people that work hard and earn a living and love had a they do for their jobs. >> and lynn, i hope i've got the name right, let me ask you, can you see the fear that the state employees have right now when you start tampering with collective bargaining you're pretty much tampering with the essence of strength for a union and they're afraid for the future. >> just like with any budget. self-employed, have to watch how i spend my money. wisconsin was broke and scott walker elected to do a job and made some tough decisions and
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times want to see a child and testimony per turtan trum. >> scott, you heard the point. the state is broke and-- >> i think the main concern for most the people is losing the collective bargaining rights. without the bargaining rights, we have no protection at all for public workers and teachers and educators. i think you know, i think it would have been smart for walker to maybe slowly work it in over a few years instead of ham aring us, my wife and i are both teachers and we're going to be out $13,000 a year, that's $1100 almost a month and take a hit. >> do you think that the governor is borrowing a page out of the rahm emanuel play book, never let a budget crisis go to waste? >> i don't think so. i think, i think scott walker is being too harsh on public workers and he needs to reconsider and what he's
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trying to do and let the people be heard and let-- let's sit down and talk about and negotiate what should be done. >> reporter: let me ask you what you're hearing nationwide. this an opportunistic move made by the government to use the budget crisis to bust the union? >> no, not at all. i think he's-- being self-employment time to get health insurance. >> reporter: go ahead. while the people are shouting. >> to get health insurance and now, i don't have anyone negotiating for me. who negotiates for me my jobs performance at my part-time job that who helps me make how much money i'm going to get and how much for my insurance and i have to pay. i don't have anyone-- >> wisconsin has laws to protect the teachers and they don't need the union. >> i don't have a union, i don't need one. >> reporter: mike, one question for scott. why do the fact that most of the wisconsin union works are
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getting significantly better benefits than their private sector colleagues. how do they justify with the already sort of personal circumstances intertwined with a budget that's broken. how can they say they need to keep everything they have and not have any real concessions? >> i think public workers, teachers can do-- you know, i think a lot of us are willing to donate, put more money in for health benefits. maybe not as harsh as he's going, all at one time. this, take the main thing is the collective bargaining rights and for the students that we teach as teachers without the rights, can double and students are going to be hurt and an education is for the kids and without those protection with the collective bargaining unions, public education definitely is going to take a big hit. >> reporter: all right, scott and lynn, thank you for civil discussion and intelligent
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discussion. there's a lot of emotion here, a lot of ranting and raving. >> mike: mike tobin, our deep thanks. glad to get the report from wisconsin and mike just came back from cairo. we should have followed up with the question, which is tougher, cairo or madison. we're not sure. and maybe we ought to talk about later when we have a little panel. think about this, how many of us can get paid for walking off our jobs and screaming about what our disagreement is and our wages. n i know this, if i hadn't shown up for work and a lot have left their jobs and we want more money. it's one thing to do that on saturday. if you do that monday through friday when you're supposed to be teaching school. how many of us could get away with that. i couldn't, i'd get fired from fox if i was out on 6th avenue screaming and yelling for more money.
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ill he' 'll do it right now, bu- his latest movie the grace card. louis gossset, jr., joins us and he shoots from the hip. ted nugent talks about american exessentialalism and next the tax calculator. you're going to love this. stay with us. [applause] [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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♪ you drive me crazy ♪ and i just can't stop myself, uh! ♪ ♪ can't help it, can't help it, can't help it. ♪ >> most americans are too busy just trying to keep food on the table and clothes on the kids and gas in the car to get too involved in the minutia of government and what they're doing and frankly most of those in government would rather it stay that way. what they can keep from you knowing and understanding, it's your power growing and personal income diminishing. one way to keep people in the dark, use words that say one thing and mean something else.
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listen to president obama when he talks about investment. >> an investment that will protect our security and every business can write off the full cost of new investments. we'll make sure that it's fully paid for, attract private investors. reduce barriers to growth and investments. all of these investments. we can make the investments we need to win the future. >> mike: and that's it, let me explain this. some time ago i took some of my own money and i bought sm stock in apple computers, it was my money and if apple continues to do well and i get a profit. guess what i get the increase, but if apple mismanages what people like me and others give them and people quit buying i-pads ap iphones and mac books then i lose. now, that's the dynamics of an investment. what if i took your money against your will and then i spent it? that's not an investment. i'm tempted to say by most definitions it's theft, but government has the legal
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authority to exact money from you, even if you don't like it or agree with it, it's called a tax. when they spend it it's not an investment unless you get the return. with government if the venture succeeds they get the benefit. if it fails, you eat it. follow me so far? when the president tells us that his proposed spending is an investment, he's not telling you how much you are actually on the hook for. tonight, we want to introduce you to something brand new, the fox news taxpayers calculator and show you how much these investments are actually going to cost you personally. now, we report, you decide. if it's a good use of your money. let's start with the department of education. proposed budget of over 77 billion dollars, i might question whether or not there's anything in the united states constitution at that even says the federal government ought to be spending money on education instead of your local school board? last time i checked, education was a local and a state issue,
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and the federal government says we need to spend 77 billion dollars at the federal level for that which really, they have no constitutional authority. well, fox's taxpayer calculator has crunched the numbers for income brackets, starting in $15,000, all the way up to $250,000 and up and the figures that you see at the bottom of this little graphic, is how much the budget for the department of education will cost you. i'm talking about you personally, so, if you make $50,000, you're going to be paying uncle sam almost $340. if you make $100,000, just education will cost you $900,000. glean energy. 8 billion dollars, for clean energy we don't want dirty energy, but the question is can we award to be subsidizing certain energy producers in the marketplace, picking winners and losers, if you decide you can't, at least we should know how much it's going to cost you. clean energy is going to cost
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you anywhere from $3.74, to $979, depending on your income. here is another big ticket item. research and development. that proposed budget, 148 billion dollars. now, we're talking about research to cure cancer or to find some way to prevent alzheimer's. i think most of us say we're for that. but how many of us want to do more research how to grow hair on the back of a rat? so the question is, if we're going to spend the money, how much is it going to cost you since you don't have much control over it? what's your share of 148 billion dollars for research and development? take a look, here it is, about $650 if you make $50,000. it's $1800 if you make $100,000. and if you're making $250,000 or more, then you're going to be into this for over $18,000 over the next decade. now, here is what i want to shock you with.
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those are figures for just three items. let's listen to three more. the president wants us to invest in. an infrastructure bank, pell grants and a high speed rail that nobody seems to want in the states. if you make between 50 and $99,000 those six items alone will cost you $1,569.29. what would those six items cost if you made between 100 and just under $200,000. well then would be 4,176.46. house budget committee chairman paul ryan, a republican, says that president obama's budget creates over 8.7 trillion dollars in new spending for the next ten years. now, i want to tell you we have an only shown what it would cost for about 300 billion of president obama's spending. you know what that means? that's only 4% of the total. so a rough estimate of what you'd be paying if we took
8:17 pm
into account all of president obama's spending the next ten years, a person 50 to $99,000 bracket pays an additional $38,000 and change in new taxes. if you're in the $100-199,000 bracket you'll be paying additional $101,000 over the next ten years, are you liking that so far? can you write a check for the 101,000. by the way, if you want to calculate how many certain spending items will cost you, here is a great tool and i hope you'll use it. go to money., take a look at some of the interactive taxpayer calculators that are there. you don't have to take my word, go to the website and find out whether you like it and then vote to approve or not approve some of those items. we would love to hear from you and i hope you'll try out the
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taxpayer calculator. [applaus [applause]. >> well, what now, your government owes about 15 trillion dollars in debt. so let me put this in perspective. our entire annual gross domestic product, the gdp of the country, everything made, sold and produced in our entire national economy is about a trillion less than that. now, that's the same as owing more, than all of our accumulated assets combined. in other words, it's like a lot of home owners in america, we are underwater. the whole country. now, if you're underwater, is it really time to be taking on more water? let me just say to you, a little personal note, i recently the got great news, this summer, i'm going to become a grandfather. [applause] >> i'm happy about that. and i can't wait of course to
8:19 pm
show you all the photos, but the sobering news is that like every baby born in this country that little guy is going to come into the world with a debt just over $45,000. before he gets his first train set or baseball glove the first part of the bill is his share of the national debt $45,000. [baby crying] >> and now you know why the baby cries and why we should be, too. that's my view, i welcome yours, i'd love you to contact me at mike and click on the fox news feedback section. tell me what you think about the calculator and your debt. up next, wisconsin democratic members of the state simply taken to a heidi hole in another state, it's one of the
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. . >> mike: on tuesday, my latest book called "a simple government" will be hitting the shelves and i'll be travelling talking about it, visiting 41 cities signing copies and the list of cities i'm going to be visiting are available on and it will be available at book stores and online, thanks to the online retailers and purchasing an autographed coop are available at in "the simple government", applying common sense, simple principles dealing with it. i wish i could get a copy in the hands of every member of
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congress, but hopefully you'll read it and give them the message. all of the members by the way of our studio audience going to get their own copy today. [applaus [applause]. that's one way to entertain that crowd, i'll tell you for sure. earlier president obama accused wisconsin's governor scott walker of unleashing an assault on public worker unions. and on friday, the governor reacted to the president. >> we're focused on balancing our budget, it would be wise for the president and others in washington focusing on balancing their budget which they're a long way from doing. >> get out a red pen sill, grading leaders in washington and the associate professor at occidental college, commentator andrea tantaros and political analyst kirsten powers, good to have all of you here. caroline i'm going to start with you, and let's talk about
8:25 pm
a grade for the wisconsin public union workers. one of the questions, how much should they be receiving? you know, the discussion is, they get more than their private sector counterparts. should they be going to work instead of to the capitol to scream? >> there's a reason they get more. they are the only sector now with really buoyant wages and benefits. what's happened is that the unions have been under assault for the last three to four decades in the private sector so wages have been stagnant even while productivity has gone up. i'm very much in favor of the protesters there as i was in favor of the protesters in egypt. fighting a fight. >> the are you okay with them taking off work when they're paid to be in a classroom teaching school instead of the capital? it's one thing they do that after five or on the weekend, but should they be taking off when the taxpayers are paying their salaries and down there yelling because they want the taxpayers to pay more benefits than salaries? >> well, governor, i understand the concern about that, and if i had a child in
8:26 pm
the school district, i would certainly be concerned, but desperate times call for desperate pressures, we've all been in unions and got rid of child labor, 16 hour workday, weekends because of unions and this is about collective bargaining not about the budget. they're not allowing the unions to actually gosh something reasonable. they're trying to get rid of collective bargaining. >> i'd like you to address what i asked caroline. is it okay for school teachers that drop away from schools and go yell at the legislators at the capital on the taxpayer's dime? >> i have mixed feelings about that, i mean, i think that they-- i think they should have a right to strike, but at the same time, i think it's more important to step back and look at what we're talking about. i'm totally with her on the collective bargaining and i would give the governor an f on that and i think that's completely out of bounds to go after that. however, this is a time in our country where we all have to be making sacrifices and i
8:27 pm
think it's very unseemly of them to be refusing to do basic things the rest of the country does. it's like paying into their health care or pension. >> you get the governor and i want to ask you, what did you give the democratic senators who took off across the state line and fled like rabbits. >> and them, too. and i don't-- i'm pretty unhappy with everybody across the board, but to go after collective bargaining is a serious thing. i don't think a lot of conservatives are appreciating it. you know, they-- the government should not be able to tell workers, you are not allowed to organize in a certain way to negotiate with us. that's not their right to do that, they're infridging on their basic rights, that's a serious issue. >> andrea, i want to ask you, they have a monopoly and not like the guy at the local marketplace. and do you take a grade for both the governors and the protesters. >> the protesters deserve an f. they keep saying that clkt tiff barning is a right. it's not a right.
8:28 pm
the constitution was not designed to give them a right to collective bargaini. at the end of the day it's not collective bargaining, it's about union workers wanting access to money. they've killed the goose that laid the golden egg. they need to stop lying, grow up and get back to work and this governor is very, very bold. if he was elected to do just this, he has to safe the fiscal state of wisconsin and th bill that he's proposed. asking the union to do, would save 300 million dollars. i give him an a. this is exactly what he was elected to do and he's doing it. >> one big issue, though, the pension plan alone. >> yeah. >> for every dollar that wisconsin's teacher puts in, the government puts $57. i don't know of any pension plan in the private sector, any programs in which the match is like that. >> but even if that's true,
8:29 pm
even if we can agree. >> mike: it is true. >> but i said initially, that i i think that they have to, they have to be realistic about what they're going to get from the government. that's separate. from the collective bargaining issue and i get back to this, i need conservatives explain to me why they want to give so much power to the government over the workers. it's the government's responsibility to be able to negotiate with them and negotiate something that's fair and reasonable and it's not overly generous in this time, but it is not the government's right to tell them how to organize. i don't understand why --. >> i think the teachers won't show up for work and i'm going to give one more grade of my own. give the president a "f", for putting his nose in this business and he came out i don't agree with this bill and don't understand it at all and hurts firefighters and cops and-- >> he doesn't understand the bill it excludes firefighters. >> because they vote for republicans. >> mike: i've got to give you
8:30 pm
a final word, but quick. >> i think it's important to know that all unions are not targeted here. the ones that actually supported the governor in the last elections are exempt from this. >> mike: caroline, i appreciate you, andrea and kirsten to all of the good public workers in wisconsin hope you envoid the weekend and the week, also. oscar winner louis gossset, jr. is next. [applause]. [ male announcer ] this is james. the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advilow... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose eve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smarmove. ♪ premier of the packed bag. you know when to hold 'em... and how to fold 'em.
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climate control, navigation, phone, anmore. this means that if you call shotgun on a dodge journey, you've just inherited a lot of responsibility. [ engi revs ] [ flag blowing in wind ] >> from america's news headquarters i'm harris falkner. the threat of civil war in a country where we get a lot of oil. reports of rising death toll 60 people killed today. at least 200 dead in a week of protests. the son of the libyan lead are saying late tonight his father is still in charge and warns protesters risk starting a civil war where libya's oil wells will be burned. here at home in wisconsin day six of demonstrations against what some are calling an
8:34 pm
anti-union bill. the head of the teacher's union telling the members to go back to the classrooms and fighting the governor's plan to walk away from rights for workers. they need to help close the 3 billion dollars budget gap. i'm harris falkner. back to huckabee now, for your latest headlines go to you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox. [applaus [applause] >> earlier week on the view, whoopi goldberg took issue over a new york tums article about the lack of black nominees in this year's academy awards. she won best actress for her role in "ghost" one of the few african-americans to win the award. >> with 17 years between the first black woman to win and me, 70, so this omission, i
8:35 pm
don't know what to say about what you've done, it's just nothing i can say except that your he' sloppy in your work and you're supposed to be better than this. this is the new york times not the bozo newspaper from hoochy koochie land. it hurts. >>. >> mike: whoopee apologized for criticizing the reporter. i don't think she's wrong. the magnificent job she did for "the color purple" before "ghost", she was understandably upset at the omissions. >> i personally found the article really confusing and as i said, i was also quite hurt that cuba gooding, jr., louis gossset, jr. and myself were not included in this expose' about black hollywood, but for saying it was shoddy
8:36 pm
reporting, i apologize new york times. >> louis gossset won for officer and a gentleman and he deserved it. he's now in a movie and joins us. louis gossset, jr., great to have you with us. it's been a burning issue as hollywood has been abuzz about the oscars and there does seem to be an unusually sort of white version of the oscars. is it intentional, louis or just that so many african-american actors are not given the kind of roles that, that give them the opportunity to win? what is going on? >> oh, boy, i think there's just a two fold problem. i think there's little backlash, psychological. a sign of the times, and stick to what they know and the same thing happened with the emmys. they called them the nemyes this year. if you see the oscars and emmys and grammys as another,
8:37 pm
you see a graphic difference in the sensitivity of one race to another, you can see the sensitivity in our commercials which are quite diverse, but for some unspoken reason, the emmys, the oscars, of 99 1/2% white. the effects of that on our screens and the programming, has a deep effect on our children's minds of minorities and that it's just not acceptable to happen. now, i think whoopie goldberg is the number one actress on the planet and she's incredible and should go further and still can and i've since made the decision personally, i could easily get upset at those things or try and do something humbly about it. through my foundation, by teaching these children at a younger age to be more sensitive to one another so when they grow up that doesn't happen again. >> mike: what you have done in your personal life with your foundation and what you talk about it openly, your life and
8:38 pm
the influence that martin luther king, jr. and nelson mandela have on you, i've seen portrayed in the brand new movie come out this week called "the grace card", what attracted you to that movie. that's louis gossset, jr. in terms of your spirit and attitude. how to fix race problems in the country. >> i think so, we are pea the number one country in the world and civilizations we've got to make some teenage mistakes from time to time, but in blood, thosefore fathers wrote beautiful words. we hold these truths to be self-evident, i pledge of allegiance, and if we remember to teach our children that this is one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all and then we become more sensitive to one another and there won't be an all white emmy or all white oscar because we're sensitive to one another, that's the key
8:39 pm
for success. >> mike: the movie "the grace card" you play a grandfather, a spiritual mentor, an african-american grandson of yours who is struggling with his own form of racism and confronting racism in a white police partner. i want you to tell me what is the message that you hope comes out of this movie and you've said this is something i want to put my name on. >> i want to put my name on the message of forgiveness and i got the enhanced message in dr. nelson mandela and robin ireland and imagine what went on in his life and he came out with forgiveness and came out with forgiveness, an entire country is just sparkling today. it's a great lesson for us to get the anger, the resentment and the revenge out of our system because it hurts us. and be three dimensional americans responsible for our lives and our children.
8:40 pm
but in order for our children to accomplish that we need to do it ourselves and our children apprentice at a young age, we won't have that problem again. so there will be errors in our society in america today, but we need to know that god is or is not. or allah is or is not, but a common thing about america, we are in this equally in this country and we all deserve the best. we hope one another and we grow. we are number one in this world and we need to remain that way, there are certain things we have to do. >> mike: this is a powerful movie, louis. i want to say thank you for coming on and talking about it. the movie is called "a grace card", in a world where so many movies are depressing and a negative message, this one you'll walk away, this one-- >> louis gossset, jr., thank
8:41 pm
you. >> thank you. >> mike: he's a rocker, a political activist and also an outspoken supporter of the tea party movement, i'm talking about the nuge, ted nugent. he's next. [applause] it's pain relief without the pills.
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and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on tt strips, which is a true american value foreople with dbetes likee. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. (applaus (applause) >> he's a rocker, he's a hunter and a political
8:45 pm
activist. and also an outspoken supporter of the tea party and the host of the tv show spirit of the wild on the outdoor channel. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one and only ted nugent. (cheers) >> how you doing, ted? >> i miss you, god bless you. >> come on everybody. >> happy duck season! >> speaking of duck season. >> and the birds falling out of the sky, that was me and my labrador, number six shot. >> mike: we were going to do the second segment and you've mentioned because i'm going to bring it up. you and i went duck hunting, you're an impressive shot, but i was impressed by your dog. >> a man's worth is judged by the dog's, this dog would fetch the neighbor's kid. i love my dog and 62 years clean and sober and had to
8:46 pm
stay clean and sober to train my damn dog. it's an amazing retriever, and we had a great time there. and i want you to be a little jealous and last week i went out a couple of days and limited out, first day 35 minutes. >> that's truth. >> mike: and there were six of us and took an hour and ten minutes. >> it's a great time to celebrate, the wild life management in america is the envy of the world. we have more water fowl than in a hundred years, more deer, more elk, more black bear and cougar in my freezing, so, this is a great time to be a hunter. the hunting success in america is just cause for celebration. >> mike: we're going to come back to hunting because it's one of my favorite topics and i especially love to talk about it with you. i want to talk about the statement by steny hoyer. he says there are a whole lot of people in the tea party i see in the polls who don't want any compromise, my presumption is they have very unhappy families.
8:47 pm
(laughter) >> so, ted, not that i'm going to have to beg you, but react to steny hoyer's idea that the tea party people, people like you, come from unhappy families. >> well, aim he a tea partier and i'm so happy i could blow up here on the mike huckabee show. you've met my children. >> mike: yes, i have. >> working hard, playing hardz, threat i cans and work ethic and productive, solidly in the asset company i've done a lot of tea party events. the tea party he celebrates. the tea party activists are the most productive, the most positive energy, the more american driven people in the the world in that they understand the experiment in self-government is not a spectator sport. the reason we're in trouble today is because of a disconnect and allowed the bureaucrats to control our lives and waste our tax dollars. the tea party is back to we the people. hey, mr. employee, your employer is watching now and
8:48 pm
we want some accountability. for anyone to find fault with that is bizarro. >> mike: it's interesting to me, ted. home in the tea party are small business owners or business owners. house wives. >> all sorts of people, but seeing personally the impact of what government overtaxation and over regulation is doing is their lives and future. >> the truism ronald reagan, government is not the solution, it's the problem. experiment in self-government is glorious american dream, is about individual freedoms, individual rights, individual entrepreneurialism, individual dreams and you'll find a business that produces, that creates jobs, that creates access, those are people that are 99 times out of 100 sacrificed and lost everything, but they keep trying and whether it's the health care fiasco, or the overregulation and the overtaxation with no accountability, it literally, not just stifles
8:49 pm
entrepreneurialalism which is the source of job creation, but it crushes it and i would ask how did it ever get this bad. once again, the tea party we're happy, happy in america we can have a tea party. so, the people who criticize the tea party, they're weird. it's not an assumption. this isn't any guesswork, this is the facts are so-- they're so universal, that it boggles my mind that guys are going to claim that the tea party are unhappy. i'm having the best hunting season of my life, i have the greatest rock and roll tour of my life. >> mike: when we come back we'll talk more with ted about american exceptionalism and. >> guns. >> mike: and all of that stuff when we come back, stay with us. [applause] one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
8:50 pm
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>> we're back and ever so bashful ted nugent, a great american who believes that america is an exceptional country. it will me what you mean by exceptional. >> well, any quality of life that mankind experienced, 999 out of a 1,000 inventions came from measuring and we're free to reap the rewards of our efforts. hello did i need to say that in 2011. so, just stop and think from my perspective. mike, i've loved my music and i know you love music and you love my music. >> mike: i do. >> and his theme song. >> mike: i don't know if i'd go that war, ted. >> i'll go that far for you. but stop and think, name me a cool rock and roll song from france. >> mike: there aren't any, ted. there are no great rock and roll songs from france. >> certainly everybody knows in the history of human kind,
8:54 pm
no society has ever had the higher standard of living, made more generosity, given to people truly are in need no matter what disaster the history around the planet the americans are first to be there. if you spent time with the u.s. military, men and women like i do, we're not all equal, that some people are just better than us, you know what i'm talking about us, warriors, absolutely gifted miraculous warriors who will fight and sacrifice for this freedom. that american g.i. is the manifestation of god's perfect human being and we all owe them everything and they're fighting so we can (applause) >> well said. >> mike: we've talked about america and we've got ted nugent and we've got a guitar. i can't think of anything better than having you playing a song for america. >> i'm going to use it. >> mike: ted nugent, the star
8:55 pm
spangled banner. stand. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
8:57 pm
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